King Arthur's Labyrinth    

Explore Underground at Our Snowdonia Adventure Park

“Totally recommend visiting King Arthur's Labyrinth - all out unforgettable experience. xx diolch xx" - Cerys Matthews MBE visited July 2017.

Come and discover the mysterious underground as you board an underground boat and sail deep beneath the mountains of Southern Snowdonia and through the magical veil of a waterfall which sweeps you back into the mists of time. Guided by a Dark Age Boatman you'll walk through the vast underground caverns and winding tunnels of the Labyrinth to find ancient stories from Wales.

Winner of the Best Visitor Attraction in Mid Wales 2018, you'll find ancient tales of dragons - we tell the story of the red and white dragons found fighting beneath the foundations of a King's new castle, of a colossal giant so big he waded across the Irish Sea, of fierce battles including the Battle of Camlan, King Arthur's final battle against his jealous nephew Mordred. Our legendary tales are from Wales and from a time in history when the mighty warlord King Arthur came out of the darkness to help defend the native Celtic people against formidable Saxon invaders.

Enjoy a fun finale to your underground adventure - Dragon River... Your adventures underground may disturb the fiery guardians of the Labyrinth. Will you avoid their clutches and return safely to the outside world?

Our underground storybook unfolds with dramatic scenes, light and sound.

King Arthur's Labyrinth offers a fun day out on the border of Mid Wales and North Wales. It's one of the coolest things to do when the weather is hot and one of the dryest things to do when the weather is wet.  King Arthur's Labyrinth is a perfect all-weather attraction and one of many days out in Wales the whole family can enjoy.

To make the most of your day out you can also enjoy the Welsh Legends Maze, which is next to King Arthur's Labyrinth. There are more mythical stories from Wales to be found along the snaking paths of this outdoor maze. Get half price admission when you also buy a ticket for King Arthur's Labyrinth!

King Arthur's Labyrinth Snowdonia adventure park attraction Trip Advisor Travellers' Choice 2023

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