King Arthur's Labyrinth

Essential Information

Q. Do I need to arrive early to prepare for my underground sailing?
A. Yes, please arrive 5 minutes before the start of your underground adventure to collect your tickets and to prepare for sailing. 

Q. What is it really like underground?
A. The underground caverns and tunnels have quite dim lighting and there are a few tunnels where you need to duck to walk through. The floor is uneven and can be a little damp in places.

Q. How long does the visit last?
A. The King Arthur's Labyrinth visit lasts 1 1/4 hours.

Q. What should I wear to visit King Arthur’s Labyrinth?
A. Whatever the temperature aboveground it’s always a cool 10ºC / 50ºF underground. Please wrap up warm and wear sensible footwear as the floor is uneven and damp in places.

Q. How far do you have to walk?
A. There is a short walk to the Labyrinth entrance. When you have sailed into the Labyrinth you then walk about ½ mile along gravel paths around the Labyrinth caverns and tunnels, stopping from time to time to hear the story based on ancient Welsh legends.

Q. Is there a maximum weight limit?
A. Yes, there is a weight limit on the boat, please contact us if you have any concerns.

Q. What is the pace of the walk?
A. The walking pace, which is pre-set, is steady. Please keep up with the people in front of you so that the group keeps together. Please don’t attempt the visit if you cannot walk at a steady pace. If you find that you are struggling to keep up, please tell the Boatman and then walk at the back of the group. The Boatman will ensure that you do not get lost. Slow walkers may miss the beginning of the stories.

Q. What happens in the event of an emergency?
A.In the unlikely event of an emergency exit we will take you out of the mine via the level above which involves climbing up 60+ deep uneven steps.

Q. I’ve seen pictures of visitors wearing helmets, do I have to wear one?
A. Yes, safety legislation insists that you wear a helmet, which will be provided, at all times while underground. The tunnels roofs are uneven and low in places but are generally around 6 ft high. The helmets protect your head from any contact with the roof.

Q. Are unaccompanied children allowed into King Arthur's Labyrinth?
A. Children of 16 years and over are allowed to enter King Arthur's Labyrinth without the supervision of an adult. All children aged under 16 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Q.Can I take my camera / phone underground to take photos?
We advise against you taking any expensive equipment underground. The underground Labyrinth is damp and drips of water can seep through the rocks in places. Our insurance does not cover any damage to visitor's personal equipment. Should you choose to take photos, at your own risk, then the use of flash photography or additional lighting is strictly forbidden. Any flashes or additional lighting ruins the underground show in the Labyrinth for other visitors.

Q. Do you offer a Carer's Discount?
Yes, we offer Carers a 20% admissions discount for King Arthur's Labyrinth and Lost Legends of The Stone Circle. Please book your tickets online and we will refund your discount on arrival.

Q. Do you offer other Discounts?
Yes, for holders of a Blue Light Card, Armed Forces and My Max Card (for the child and the carer)- 20% discount. Please book your tickets online and we will refund your discount on arrival. Discount applies to King Arthur's Labyrinth and Lost Legends of The Stone Circle.

Q. Do you offer Home Education discounts?
Yes, please bring along a letter from your Local Authority as proof of you educating from home to receive a 20% admissions discount applicable to all home educated children and available mid week during school term time only. Please book your tickets online and we will refund your discount on arrival. Discount applies to King Arthur's Labyrinth and Lost Legends of The Stone Circle.

Q. Are dogs allowed inside King Arthur's Labyrinth?
We regret that the underground Labyrinth trip is not suitable for dogs. However, dogs are welcome, on a short lead, into the outside areas of the Corris Craft Centre where we are based. Dogs are also allowed into the Visitor Information Centre, the King Arthur's Labyrinth reception area, our outdoor maze Lost Legends of The Stone Circle, the Corris Cafe and Welsh Deli.  Dogs are allowed into the craft studios (with the exception of the Chocablock chocolate studio) at the discretion of the individual craftspeople.

Q. What about Guide Dogs?
Guide dogs are allowed underground at their owner's risk. Please talk to us beforehand about the conditions that your guide dog will encounter.

If you have any questions or concerns which have not been answered here, please contact us.

Wrapped up warm and wearing sensible footwear in King Arthur's Labyrinth Safety helmets are provided for the King Arthur's Labyrinth adventure

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