King Arthur's Labyrinth

Lost Legends of The Stone Circle

Lost Legends of The Stone Circle is now open daily from 10am to 5pm, we can't wait to welcome you back safely.

Located right next to King Arthur's Labyrinth, you can explore this outdoor attraction where you'll find eight mythical stories hidden amongst the snaking paths of a simple maze. 

Navigate the winding paths to find intriguing characters waiting to tell you their stories. At the centre of this bewitching attraction, find our dramatic stone circle – the portal through which our cast of characters emerged...

Meet the Fairy Lady of Llyn y Fan Fach and the Physicians of Myddfai. Hear the chilling tale of Changelings, human babies switched with fairy folk. Enjoy Mair's romantic tale and how she escaped the cruelty of her Father - a terrifying giant. Discover the secret held by March the Lord of Llyn, known only to his barber. Hear how John Gethin was tricked by the Devil. Learn of how Blodeuwedd, the flower lady, deceived her husband and the fate that came to Elidorws when he stole from his friends in the Fairy Kingdom.

Whilst enjoying the tales, find the clues to complete our quiz and you will win a silver or gold medal!*

We have a new Dragon Quest activity for younger visitors.  There's different coloured baby dragons hiding in the maze, each with a number to help you to solve the riddle.

Scenic artist Stephanie Pasiewicz has designed the layout and the impressive sculptures found throughout the maze. Steph’s previous work has included the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics, Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie” (2012) and countless full scale theatre productions.

The installations are designed to work in harmony with nature. Our purpose built pond, the lair of the Lady of Llyn Y Fan Fach, plays host to newts and frogs. Exotic dragonflies and butterflies have also been spotted warming up on the stones of our new megalith and a range of birds, from common robins to the rarer gold-crested wrens, can be seen playing amongst the trees, shrubs and plants.

The Stone Circle seeks to surprise, entertain and to teach a little bit about Welsh folklore.

* Please note that this is magic gold and of no value to human jewellers. It’s of some significance in the fairy world though...

Lost Legends of The Stone Circle is right next to King Arthur’s Labyrinth.


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