King Arthur's Labyrinth

Bringing Young Children on an Adventure Snowdonia

King Arthur’s Labyrinth may not be suitable for babies and toddlers but we will take them underground if the parents wish subject to their understanding and agreeing to the following:

Q. What is it like underground in the Labyrinth?
A. The temperature is cool (8°C/46°F) and lighting is gloomy. Please ensure that you and your child wrap up to keep warm.

Q. How much walking is there in the Labyrinth?
A. After the underground boat trip (which passes through a waterfall), there is a walk of about ½ mile. The walking pace is steady and can not be slowed down as it is pre-timed. It is important that you keep up with the person in front. Please carry your child if they cannot keep up.

Q. What if we walk too slowly and struggle to keep up?
A. You should let the rest of the group go ahead of you. The Boatman is with the group all the time and will ensure that you do not get lost. However, if you do walk slowly you may miss the start of some of the stories as they are pre-timed.

Q. What do I do if my child starts to cry while underground?
A. Most young children are happy to be taken underground but some dislike it. If you find that your child is upset before getting on the boat then you can return to reception for a refund. If your child gets upset while underground please move away from the group during the stories so that the visit is not spoilt for others in the group. Sometimes the Boatman may be able to arrange for you to go out on an earlier boat but this is not always possible.

Q. Can I take my buggy underground?
A. Your child can be pushed in a buggy to the entrance of the Labyrinth and then the buggy left there whilst you are underground.

Q. Am I able to carry my child?
A. Yes, you can but not on your back. The underground tunnels are low in places and a child on your back would be vulnerable should you have to duck. You are welcome to carry your child at the front so that they are always at a lower height than you.

Q. Will my child have to wear a helmet?
A. Yes, our rules state that everyone has to wear a helmet. We have failed to find suitable children’s helmets. However, we find that adult’s helmet can be worn over a child’s hat or hood.

Q. What about baby changing facilities & toilets?
A. There are no toilets or facilities underground to change your baby but above ground the Ladies’ and Men’s toilets are equipped with baby changing facilities.

Q. Are unaccompanied children allowed into King Arthur's Labyrinth?
A. Children aged 18 years and over are allowed on the King Arthur's Labyrinth adventure without an adult. All children under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Q. Is there a safe place for my children if they get lost above ground?
A. Yes, there is a Lost Child Point in the King Arthur's Labyrinth reception. Please tell your child to find the big red dragon and to go inside to find our friendly King Arthur's Labyrinth staff, they all wear a black / grey jumper with King Arthur's Labyrinth and the logo on it. They will be able to help your child to find you.

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