An Underground Adventure...

“Magical Stories - a definite must”  Trip Advisor Reviewer 2015. 

This mysterious attraction, King Arthur's Labyrinth, is hidden deep beneath the mountains of Southern Snowdonia on the border of mid and north Wales; an area steeped in myths and legends. 

It's an underground storytelling adventure and time travel at its best as you're swept underground, by a mysterious hooded boatman, and through a magical waterfall - your gateway to the Dark Ages and a time of myth, magic and King Arthur himself.

Once through the waterfall and inside the ancient Labyrinth your boat docks and you're guided by the boatman through the winding tunnels and immense caverns to find ancient myths and legends.

You’ve travelled deep into the Dark Ages and to a time when the mighty King Arthur came out of the darkness to help defend the native Celtic people against formidable Saxon invaders, his supernatural powers and his strength of leadership brought defeat to his enemies and peace to the Island of Britain.

Immersed within the Dark Ages let your boatman guide you to find more stories, stories of dragons foretelling Celtic glory, of a giant so colossal he waded across the Irish Sea, of King Arthur's final battle the Battle of Camlan, the ladies of the lake and more; all brought to life through dramatic scenes, light and sound.  A cool attraction when hot and a dry attraction when wet, this is the perfect all-weather attraction and a great day out for the whole family.

Enjoy our latest attraction Lost Legends of The Stone Circle, which is next to King Arthur's Labyrinth. Find mythical stories, intriguing characters and The Stone Circle as you navigate the snaking paths of an outdoor maze.  Get half price admission when you also buy a ticket for King Arthur's Labyrinth!

King Arthur’s Labyrinth - a great family day out in Wales